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Geeky Kink Event ~ Kink bus from New England (likely Boston)


Signal boosting a pair of Fetlife threads discussing the possibility of organising group transport for those travelling from New England to the Geeky Kink Event in Piscataway, New Jersey.

The post is as follows:

This was brought up after GKENE and GKE Classic last year, and again after GKENE this year. Is there enough interest in chartering a bus down to GKE Classic this year that we could actually pull it off?

Consider: Trains, planes, and buses (greyhound, bolt bus, megabus, etc) won’t get you terribly close to the event, and then you have to coordinate rides and whatnot from those transit stations. This would offer service directly to the event from a set location likely in Boston, and back again. If the bus company would agree to it we would also have a stop in CT, since it seemed like there was interest in it from there too.

Initial research says this would likely cost between $50-$75/person. If there is legit interest in this, I’m willing to do in depth research and see how costs break down for chartering a bus available Friday-Sunday.

I’ll build a form in google docs tomorrow and get contact info of people that are interested.

Full disclosure: I’ve never organized anything like this before. I’m not even sure how it all works. AND I wouldn’t even be on the bus because I’m on-site a day early.

They really need to gauge interest levels before they can think about making arrangements for this, so if you think you’d be interested please go and post on one or both of those threads.

If you’re interested but you don’t have a fetlife account and don’t want to make one, please reblog with a comment that you’re interested and drop me an ask with a contact email address I can pass along to the organiser.

If you’ve yet to buy tickets for the Geeky Kink Event, please be aware that ticket sales for our kink events generally close one week before the event and no tickets will be available at the door. Since GKE takes place on Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th of November, ticket sales will likely close at 23:59 on Thursday the 30th of October.

If you’ve yet to book a hotel room, the Embassy Suites still have rooms available - please call 732-980-0500 and ask for “GKE” or “The Geeky Kink block”.

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before blaming others, think: whats the 1 constant in all your failed relationships? its that cursed egyptian amulet why do u even have that

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I am a firm believer that rough sex and cuddling go hand in hand.

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